A Look At Google

Google is the worlds largest search engine and is well known across the world, www.google.com is one of the top 5 websites on the Internet and is used by millions. Their database holds more than 8 billion pages, is used by more than 80 million unique people a month and is the number one search engine in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia.

The name "Google" has come from the mathematical term "googol" which refers to the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google's decided to use this term to reflects their mission to organize the immense, seemingly infinite amount of information available on the web. So the 2 founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin), played on the word and came up with the anagram of "googol" which has now become widely recognized as the "World's Best Search Engine".

The Google search engine became popular because of it simply, fast, accurate and easy to use search website. Since Google was launched they have also come up with other products that follow the same aims as their original product. These other products and projects include:

Plus many other tools that they are releasing all the time, or they are acquiring during mergers and buying of other companies. Google is also well known to keep their products in BETA labels for long period, but this is to make sure that when the product BETA label removed they are releasing a quickly product.

Google was formed on September 7, 1998, but was original called BackRub which was first put together in January of 1996. In 1998 google.com was answering 10,000 search queries each day. Within a year Google had expanded to 8 employees and 500,000 queries per day. Google has continued to expand ever since.

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