A Look At Yahoo

Yahoo has been around since 1994, and is known as the web's oldest "directory," where human editors have been organize web sites into various categories. In October 2002, Yahoo made a giant change and shifted to crawler-based listings for its main search results. The crawler-based results came from Google right up until February 2004. Since then Yahoo has been using its own search technology.

The original directory based listings are still at Yahoo and are still have human editors shifting through thousands of newly submitted sites to the Yahoo directory. Submission to the Yahoo directory for a long while was not free and you had to pay £199 a year to guarantee you site will be reviewed but no guarantee it will be listed if the editors rejected it. But now in the UK Yahoo has provided free submission again, although this does mean that it takes a lot longer for your site to be listed in the directory.

The Yahoo homepage is unlike Google's, as yahoo has focused on having more content on their homepage, driving visitors to it's various sections which include: Finance, Music, Games, Mail, Personals, Messenger, News Business Finder and many more.

Yahoo is also well known for it's chat community and Yahoo Messenger, which are still going strong. Yahoo has also recently joined up with BT in the UK to provide BT Yahoo Broadband. As well as BT Yahoo has joined up with many other companies to provide various services to it users. Some of these companies include: Thomson Local for Business Listings on the right of search pages.

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